Car Wash Parts

Car Wash Parts

We have car wash parts for your chemical delivery system. ChemQuest offers stock parts such as:

  • Dema and Hydro Metering Tips

Metering tips are placed in the chemical dispensing system between the car wash chemical and the flow of water. These tips help to control the amount of chemical that is mixed in with the water, giving you the exact proportions you need.

  • Check and Foot Valves

Check valves prevent back flow of fluid by forcing fluid to go in only one direction. Foot valves work in a similar way, but are placed near the intake of the pump, rather than on the discharge side, which is where check valves are placed.

  • Tubing

Tubing is how your car wash soap will flow to specific sections of your car wash, allowing for everything to work efficiently.

  • Fittings

Our fittings work together with your equipment in order to ensure everything works properly, without spillage or back flow. Talk to our representatives for information on which specific fittings you might need!

  • Water Valves and More!

Water valves control the flow of water as it leaves your tanks.

Contact sales today to find out what stock parts we have available and if you need any special order items!

Car Wash Parts

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