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With 5 full-time chemists and 25+ years of servicing the car wash industry, we provide professional and unmatched services for your car wash. We offer services like On-Site Wash Evaluations, which show you how and why ChemQuest can greatly benefit your wash. We also provide a Stay Full Delivery service where we ensure that you always have the right chemicals and wash setup needed to run at peak efficiency. Check out the links below to learn more about these convenient services!

On-Site Wash Evaluations

At ChemQuest we know choosing the right chemical program makes all the difference. We offer on site wash evaluations to assist in helping you make sure we are the right fit. We will be happy to come in, set up our products and show you why ChemQuest is your first choice for a chemical supplier. 

Stay Full Delivery Service

ChemQuest offers a unique stay-full delivery program to our customers located in the Minnesota & Wisconsin regional area. Each customer location is placed on a route delivery schedule and inventory levels are monitored during regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits. Click the button below to learn more!

EZ Concentrates System

Our EZ System tank design simplifies daily tasks for car wash owners and keeps your car wash running at peak efficiency while simultaneously enhancing organization and creating more space.