The Big Soap Guy: Titrate Waxes for Car Washes

The Big Soap Guy: Titrate Waxes for Car Washes

We’re here to dive deeper into the “Titrate Waxes for Car Washes” video, hosted by The Big Soap Guy!

How to Titrate Waxes for Car Washes!

Titrating waxes at your car wash ensures a consistent outcome for each and every car that goes through your wash. Drying agents typically have no foam or color in the bay, so the best way to determine their strength would be through titration.

Use the Following Items When Titrating Your Waxes

There are certain items you need when it comes to titrating your waxes. These items include-

1 Clean Test Tube.

1 Mixing Vial.

1 1 ml Pipette.

Complexing Reagent (R-0950).

Toluidine Blue O Indicator (R-0881).

QAC Titrating Solution (R-0884).

Follow These Steps for Successful Titration!

Once you have all these items, it’s time to take your graduated cylinder to the bay, and turn your function on to retrieve a sample from the application arch. After letting your sample settle, fill the mixing vial with your product. After getting your sample of drying agent, follow the instructions below to complete the titration-

(Step One)

Fill your clean test tube to the top using the product being tested.

(Step Two)

Pour your sample into the mixing vial.

(Step Three)

Using your 1 ml pipette, add 0.5 ml Complexing Reagent (R-0950). Swirl the mixing vial to mix.

(Step Four)

Add 2 drops of Toluidine Blue O Indicator (R-0881). Swirl the mixing vial to mix the chemicals. The sample should be a light-blue color.

(Step Five)

Add your QAC Titrating Solution (R-0884) drop wise, making sure to swirl and count each drop until the color changes from light-blue to violet-pink, always holding the dropper bottle vertical.

Make Sure You’re Getting The Most Out of Your Chemicals!

Titration can vary from location to location, or from season to season. Contact your ChemQuest chemical provider to find the best titrations for your needs. Thanks for checking out this tutorial! For more videos from The Big Soap Guy, visit To check out our line of car wash products, click here. Lastly, for more information on our products or services, click here to contact us today!