The Big Soap Guy: Maintain Tire Shine

The Big Soap Guy: Maintain Tire Shine

We’re here to dive deeper into the “Maintain Tire Shine” video, hosted by The Big Soap Guy!

How to Maintain Tire Shine at Your Wash!

Maintaining tire shine at your car wash can often be a tricky and stressful task to tackle. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you take on the challenge, giving your customers the glowing tires they deserve.

Consistent Maintenance on The Brush, Manifold, and Chemical Setup

Consistent maintenance on the items listed above will go a long way when trying to maintain tire shine at your car wash. When it comes to the items listed above, there are different tasks you can do for each one in order to ensure you’re taking the best care of your equipment. These tasks include the following:

Cleaning The Brush

A clean brush can go a long way, delivering the most efficient results to your wash while keeping your customers’ tires safe and spotless. It is important that you never use high pressure or harsh chemicals when cleaning the brush you use for tire shine, as they can damage the feather-tip bristles. One way of knowing if your brush needs cleaning is if you see dark-black tire shine residue in the rim of the tire.

Installing Your Manifold Correctly

It is important that you install your manifold correctly according to the manufacturer specifications. Typically, this involves the holes of your applicator facing up. This helps keep the manifold full of your product, letting it drip down onto the brush when pumped, allowing you to get the most out of your product in terms of application and quantity.

Getting the Most Out of Your Chemical Setup

When you run your tire shine chemical pump, it is important to make sure you’re achieving equal application across the entire length of your brush. This ensures that you’re covering the entire tire with the chemical, never leaving behind a spotty or unfinished job.

Take Care of Your Customers and Equipment!

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