Anaerobic Vs. Aerobic Bacteria

Anaerobic Vs. Aerobic Bacteria

Stinky Reclaim Pits?

Dec 7, 2018 10:02:00 AM

Waste water collected from a car wash contains plenty of nutrient rich food for bacteria to feast on causing reclaim odor. These nutrients include surfactants, fats, oils and greases that are just perfect for the undiscerning aerobe and anaerobe.

Anaerobic bacteria thrive in oxygen depleted environments. They feed on waste water nutrients and release the foul sulfur-containing odors so commonly associated with sewage. This is primarily due to the incomplete “digestion” of the waste water food source.

Aerobic bacteria thrive in oxygen rich environments. Unlike anaerobic bacteria, aerobic bacteria don’t typically release sulfur containing odors. Instead they digest the waste water food source more completely leaving behind CO2 and water.

Sterilizing the system with ozone or hydrogen peroxide

Ozone and peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) are two of the most common chemicals car wash operators utilize in an attempt to control reclaim odors. Ozone and peroxide work by destroying all bacteria and thus preventing any breakdown of the waste water food source.

Ozone itself is not stable and thus it needs to be produced onsite just prior to use. Due to this instability (and hazard) ozone must immediately be blended with reclaim water to be effective. To achieve optimum effectiveness high concentrations of ozone must be subjected to smaller quantities of water.

When this is not possible some systems will employ a 1-2 punch of ozone and peroxide. The two will synergize to destroy and prevent offensive odors. The downfall is now instead of handling one hazardous chemical there are two. On top of all this we still have not addressed the continuing buildup of our waste water solids. Eventually this buildup will have more destructive consequences including the degradation of equipment and facilities.

Creating an Aerobic Reclaim System

Instead of being reactive to the foul odors The Clearwaters Car Wash Water Reclaim System is a proactive two-part approach designed to turn reclaim tanks into beneficial living aquariums.

The first step requires the introduction of an oxygen source into the reclaim tanks. This is the aerobic bacteria’s life support system. We supply the air pumps, air diffusers and set-up plans that are needed to keep aerobic bacteria alive.

The second step is to introduce a consistent source of hungry and safe aerobic bacteria cultures. The Clearwaters Reclaim Additive is a synergistic blend of naturally occurring bacteria strains that are exceptional at biologically degrading surfactants, animal & vegetable fats, oils, grease, petroleum hydrocarbon derivatives.