Tickled Pink

Give your customers a fun and memorable experience at your wash using this delightfully pink car wash soap!

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Tickled Pink is perfect for providing a soothing and sweet experience at your car wash. This foaming auto shampoo produces lush soft foam with an extremely stable profile that is ideal for all friction applications. The gentle detergents help lift dirt away dirt and leave a clean and shiny car. This is a must have as customers can’t help but be mesmerized by its awesome show.

This product is used in self-serve and could be used in tunnel applications as a foaming detergent. It should be applied with soft water allowing for greater foam profile. Begin by applying at 200-250:1. Adjust air as necessary to create the desired foam profile. More air will create a dryer more stable foam, while less air will create a wetter less stable foam.

Some of the main features of this car wash soap include good hard-water stability, no phosphates, the production of rich, pink foam, and biodegradability.

The specifications for this product include a red coloring with a bubble gum fragrance. Pink Foam is produced by this product, and it has a pH of 8-9. Please see the “Data Sheets” tab for more information on product specifications.