This polymer protectant offers new technology for clearcoat sealers.



This polymer protectant offers new technology for clear coat sealers. This product uses a proprietary non-silicone polymer fluid, fortified with a UV inhibitor that provides an exceptional shine that customers WILL notice. Once applied, this polymer fluid will not evaporate like traditional mineral seal oil-based drying agents, thus providing substantially longer water and UV protection.

This product is ideally applied under low-pressure applications in tunnel and in-bay automatic settings. Begin application at 275-475:1 (4-6 drops). The product can be applied under high pressure. When doing so be sure to push the dilution further to 650-950:1 (2-3 drops). Watch carefully not to overuse as it can reverse the drying effect. The product can also be applied in self-serve settings, but be sure to consult with your sales representative first.

Some of the main features of this car wash soap include UV protection, the usage of non-silicone polymer fluids, an enhancement of shine and protection, and a great eucalyptus-mint fragrance.

The specifications for this product include a yellow coloring with a eucalyptus mint fragrance. No foam is produced by this product, and it has a pH of 6-7. Please see the “Data Sheets” tab for more information on product specifications.