Bubble Gum Blast

This Bubble Gum Scent Blast will create a sweet and satisfying experience that your customers won’t forget!



Show off this sweet scent at your car wash to wow your customers! This product can be dual injected with products or applied directly to the vehicle through our Scent Shot system.

For maximum effectiveness apply directly to the vehicle through a mechanical application (like our Scent Shot). Apply at anytime, anywhere during the cleaning process. Avoid applying it after any drying agent application. When applied through a Scent Shot, apply to passenger side of vehicle where the windshield and hood meet. Determine how long and how strong you want to run it. Typical usage is 2-5mLs per car. Product can also be dual injected with other applications to boost fragrance.

Some of the main features of this car wash soap include an ease of use, improved stability when injected separately, compatibility with presoaks, detergents, wheel cleaners, etc., and a high concentration for economical use.

The specifications for this product include a pink coloring with a bubble gum fragrance. A white foam is produced by this product, and it has a pH of 4-5. Please see the “Data Sheets” tabs for more information on product specifications.