Picking the Best Treatment For Your Customers’ Cars

Picking the best treatment for your customers cars

May 31, 2018 6:17:27 AM

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and when it comes to cars there is nothing more heavenly than that deep, well-cared-for luster you can see your reflection in. Taking care of your clients’ cars isn’t just about looks: protective treatments help to preserve the vehicle exterior and preserve its resale value. However, getting this protective coat is a challenge when the elements and environment conspire against you. You need to make sure the products you’re using in your wash — and the way you’re applying clear coat protectant — are ideally suited for your client’s car, and the local climate. Here’s a quick guide to getting the best treatments for your climate:

First things first: a great wash

Before applying a wax or polish, it is extremely important to have a clean surface. As dirt and particulate matter build up on the car, they can interfere with the proper bonding of the protective treatments. Your customers’ cars must be thoroughly cleaned with effective car wash chemicals and well rinsed before protective treatments are applied. A good cleaning solution should have the following properties:

high-foaming, to let soap spread easily over a larger area when it lathers

high lubricity, so wraps and brushes don’t scratch your client’s vehicle

free-rinsing, so it’s easy to wash off and dry

pH-balanced (or acid-alkaline mix), to break down road film and grease and counter acidic residues

When it comes to picking the best treatment once the wash is over, the environment your clients live and drive in are a crucial consideration.


It’s Murphy’s Law: right after a $20 wash, the sky opens up! Rain leaves ugly white spots and road film on your customers’ vehicle surfaces — and this rain can contain acidic compounds that eat away at a car’s protective coating. It also affects the customer experience — they might think your wash was a waste of time and money. Thankfully, polymer-based products (such as our Rainshield application and our Poly-Tect treatment) bond to the car and provide an excellent surface coating that actively beads and repels water, protecting your client’s vehicle surface.

Snow and ice

Cold weather and blizzards aren’t just a bane to drivers — they’re a nightmare for clients who want to maintain their car’s look and longevity. The de-icing materials and road salt used in cold conditions eat away at metal parts and corrode the undercarriage. To help fight corrosion in your customers’ vehicles, you should use anti-rust products to defeat and prevent rust and corrosion. ChemQuest’s products combine beautifully with our Rust Inhibitor application to strip rust, road salt, and deicing materials from vehicles, then provides an excellent barrier against these unwanted deposits on your customer’s cars.

Sunshine and UV damage

It’s finally summer, but that doesn’t mean your client’s cars are safe from the elements. Ultraviolet rays present in sunlight can have a devastating effect on your clients’ car surfaces, as UV can catalyze the harmful effects of acidic buildup, causing protective layers and even underlying paint to be eaten away, dulled or faded to an unsightly whitish ‘burn’. Make sure that the treatment or coating you’re applying to customers’ cars comes with UV-inhibitor properties — such as our Poly-Tect coating, which actively protects against harmful rays.

Traffic and urban grime

Traffic doesn’t just eat away at your patience: the chemical waste from cars, airports and urban areas causes massive environmental damage to car exteriors. The carbon black, and nitrogenous and sulphurous compounds slowly accumulate, creating a layer of acid that eats away at poly coatings, waxes… you name it! This also exacerbates the negative effects of other environmental factors. It’s a slow process — not noticeable on a day-to-day basis — but after weeks the effects become clear in faded, dull finishes. The best defense against these urban environmental hazards is a good polymer-based product that provides a reliable barrier to acidic or greasy buildup. This will help keep your customers coming back for that new car look every time.


Poly-Tect is ChemQuest’s answer to a wide range of environmental and client needs. No matter the vehicle, climate or customer needs, Poly-Tect’s seal-oil-free, polymer-based coating works to repel grime, road firm, water and acidic build-up, making it perfect for sustaining a shining surface.

The best way to cut the stress and confusion out of picking the right car wash chemicals for your customers’ car and your environment is by letting an industry expert handle it. For over 25 years, ChemQuest has made a name for itself by supplying and producing products that are tailored to bring the best results to the most stringent needs, every single time. To find out how we can help you bring a consistent dazzle and shine to your customer’s vehicles after every wash — come rain, snow or shine — contact us about your car wash needs and what we can do for you.