How to Create the Perfect Car Wash

How to Create the Perfect Car Wash

May 10, 2018 3:09:29 AM

According to IBIS, the Car Wash and Auto Detailing industry is expecting continued growth for the next five years. However, at the same time the four largest car wash companies that once dominated the market only account for 6% of this $11bn industry. Small to medium enterprises are becoming a greater force to reckon with, but with this opportunity comes massive competition. Here are some tips to improve car wash efficiency and get your car wash to peak performance.

Good management from top to bottom

The daily functioning of your business is key to both your bottom line and to your future competitiveness. Effective management of your business — from the smallest things like wash calibration, sizing and conveyor speeds to larger strategies like installing solar panels, water reclamation equipment, and intensive account management — can mean all the difference years down the line. You need to ask yourself questions like:

What are my training programs?

Am I staggering work schedules with demand to save on labor costs?

Am I using the right products — correctly — for my clients’ needs?

What strategies am I employing to reduce waste and bolster wash efficiency?

What are my busiest days, and is my business tailored to take advantage of these?

The answers to these questions are complex. Sometimes they require consulting with an expert in the industry to figure out the best solutions for your business needs.


A well-managed car wash counts for very little if no one knows about it. As social media and digital platforms become more and more popular, not having a thorough marketing strategy and online presence can be disastrous. However, that doesn’t mean you should abandon the old ways of doing things. Tried-and-tested marketing programs — such as customer loyalty rewards, special events or discounts for families, seniors or veterans — should be complemented by online strategies. You should view digital marketing as a supplement to, and not a replacement for, the things that have been working for decades.

Great service is crucial

The foremost principle of all business is great service. This isn’t just restricted to providing a great wash service for your customers — it extends into many different facets of your business, for example:

How quickly does a customer hear back from you when they make inquiries?

Is all your company and service information easily accessible and clearly detailed?

How long do they have to wait for their car to be attended to?

How long do your car washes take, and how great is the wash, and what kind of experience are you creating?

Are you delivering the bare minimum, or doing something beyond ordinary expectations?

Great service doesn’t just put a smile on the customer’s face, it also plays a key role optimizing your wash to be energy-efficient and cost-effective. By cutting down on service delivery and wash turnaround times, you keep your wash running at peak performance and keep your customers impressed.

The right products for each and every job

As the people responsible for making your customers’ cars look shiny as new, it’s your job to know what the best practices are every step of the way, from detergent type and presoak to tires and detailing. We want to help you apply those best practices to get the most out of your car wash. Check out our services and resources, which can lead you in the right direction. One of our earliest lessons was that car washes need the best products to get specific jobs done quickly — which is why we take chemical excellence and great business support seriously. What’s more, these detergents and products need to be applied correctly. For example, with mineral-rich dust film applying a low-PH pre-soak before an alkaline detergent is advised; whereas road film that contains lots of oily or greasy matter is better treated with an alkaline presoak applied first. The right chemicals for the job — and using them effectively — can make or break a business.

These are just four general areas you need to pay attention to when building the perfect car wash and increasing your business footprint. However, to unlock the greatest potential in your business the smartest thing to do is partner with experts who know the industry. At ChemQuest we’ve been differentiating ourselves as a car wash expert and business partner that delivers consistent results. For over 25 years we’ve successfully brought our brand of excellence to partners across the country to ensure they’re using the best car wash chemicals to grow their business and ensure repeat customers. To learn more about what we do click here and you can also complete the contact form for a one-on-one expert consultation so that together we can work to turn your wash into a winner.