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We take pride in providing the most efficient and consistent car wash chemicals for our customers. With over 25+ years of experience, we have successfully formulated some of the best products seen in the car wash industry today. Whether you are looking for Detergents, Drying Agents, Presoaks, Triple Foams, Tire & Wheel cleaners, etc. We have it all!

Product Category Descriptions

Confused about a certain product category? Reference the descriptions below to learn more about the types of products we offer!

Product Category Descriptions

Bug Removers

Alkaline based cleaners designed to aid in the softening and removal of bug residue from vehicles.


Probably the broadest classification of products. These products typically have a high foam profile, might be dyed and most likely are fragranced. Products range from being acidic to neutral to alkaline. Some products offer great cleaning while others provide nice looking foam.

Disinfectant / Sanitizers

These products are not used in the wash process, but rather at a wash or around a wash. They are designed and proven to kill viruses and bacteria. Sanitizing is not as effective as disinfecting. Sanitizers kill surface bacteria but are less effective on viruses. Disinfectants are more effective on both.

Drying Agents / Polishes

These are products that aid in removing water from the vehicle. In the most basic sense, drying agents simply make the blowers more effective. Consider them the work horse of the drying products. Polishes/waxes/sealants further improve shine, gloss, feel and protection to the surface of the car.

High pH Presoaks

A high pH presoak (often called alkaline) helps remove organic soils like bug residue, oil, grease, bird droppings, etc. These are used in all wash types (tunnel, self serve, automatic). I would consider these the workhorse of the cleaning process in any carwash.

Low pH Presoaks

A low pH presoak (often called acid presoak) helps remove inorganic soils like salt, metals and other hard water minerals. These are typically used for in-bay automatics and tunnel washes. They help remove stubborn water spots and give glass and chrome a bright and shiny appearance.

Specialty Products

Again a broad classification of products that are more ancillary and add on. Some of the products may be more detail oriented while others are more wash oriented.

Tire & Wheel Cleaners

A class of products that are designed to clean tires/wheels. These products are typically more concentrated with a higher amount of solvents for penetrating and removing heavier road films.

Triple Foams

As the name indicates these are foamers much like the detergent class above. However, these products are applied for the “WOW” factor. Most triple foams are heavily dyed and fragrance to boost their experience. Some triple foams are just there for foaming (EZ Series), while others can boost shine and begin the drying process (Foam Bead Series).

Truck Products

These are products that would be used to clean semi-trucks and heavier equipment. Some of these products are very strong and need to be handled carefully, especially around high-end rigs. While there is crossover on some of these products into other categories, they typically run stronger in a truck washing application. 

We Provide Car Wash Soap for a Variety of Different Washes!

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Whether you are operating a touch-free or friction automatic, we have a chemical solution for you!

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Keep Your Customers Happy & Returning With Our Powerful Self-Serve Car Wash Products!

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We have car wash soap for Full-Service Tunnels and/or Express Tunnels. Enhance your wash today!

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Our products battle grease, oil, and road-film from miles of heavy driving. Let us help make your trucks shine!

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