Beyond Chemicals

Beyond Chemicals

Your Car Wash Deserves Reliable Service

We strive to provide a very candid and forthright experience for our customers by educating them as we grow together and build lasting bonds. We spend a lot of time monitoring wash quality and explaining to customers what we are doing and why we are doing it. We want them educated, it helps us all to become more successful and simplifies life for Car Wash owners.

Going the Extra Mile

Our team of experts are extremely committed to the overall success of your Car Wash. Through the years, we have built a strong reputation by simply providing trustworthy reliable service and ensuring our customers are consistently confident with the quality and efficiency in their Car Wash. However, our involvement goes far beyond the functionality of equipment and chemicals. We offer in-depth training and services to transform your employees into experts, along with many promotional marketing products to help drive traffic straight into your Car Wash bay!

Onsite Training

We believe that hands-on training is one of the best ways to achieve high levels of retention. Our experts will teach your employees the details of a compete wash process while guiding your employees through different equipment and chemicals providing essential troubleshooting skills.  Your employees will learn to spot inconsistencies and understand the value of paying attention to detail.

Distributor Training 

We want to ensure our Distributors have a complete understanding of our products.  How they are properly applied, how to test for proper application and usage and an overall understanding the chemistry behind the products. We offer distributors that chance to come up to our facility for tours and training.  In a “classroom” setting we teach the different categories of products (presoaks, detergents, triple foams, drying agents, etc) and what it is that is special about each category.  We explain the wash process and look for ways to improve the process and experience. 

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